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Thursday, March 27, 2008


First it starts off with blizzard-like conditions 3 days after the start of Spring.......

Poor little Jackson had no idea what was going on with all the wind and white fuzz in the air!!!

Then I got to see baby hamsters nurse for the first time in my whole life!!!! WOW! She is a good mother, I must confess. Baby hammies are called "pups" and they nurse just like a canine pup would. I suppose they are kind of cute.... atleast more than they were 3 days ago! They are growing a little fuz and it looks like 2 of them may be black.

The older three kids spent the entire day today working at a homeless shelter in Roanoke, VA. So, that left Ben and I all by ourselves as Barry was busy with his job(s). We played outside for quite a while, which was the highlight of his day and he even got Jackson to ride in the wagon for a while!!! Notice that he has no shirt on??? Can you believe that just 3 days ago it was POURING the snow? We went for a walk all the way to the mailbox and he ran most of the way. So, on the way back, he was starting to lag a little. I said, "Come on, Ben... RUN!!!". His reply? "Me can't. Me hot!". So, I took his shirt off and boy!-did he think he was big stuff!

Benjamin loves climbing, jumping, running, and sliding.

I just thought this one too cute not to post.

And the best one for last (BEWARE: Prepare yourself!):

Yes, he is doing what you think he is. Somehow he has already figured out that boys have a much easier time with natural functions than girls and he feels the need to explore each adventure that presents itself! He was already in this position before I could reign him in, so instead of fussing, I just started snapping. I figure my dad, Jack, is getting a huge kick out of this one. And Shannon, are you shaking anything (like the chair you are sitting on?!?!?). Yeah, guys, real funny! Ha-ha-ha.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well, atleast that's one way a person could look at it: a GIFT. That is evidently how my children see this new addition to our family. Yes, it's all too true: Jackie's hamster, Rosie, surprised us at 5:15 Easter morning with six new little babies!!!!! We arose early for sunrise service and right before we walked out the door into darkness, Jackie sprints down the stairs calling, "MAMA! MAMAAAAAA! My hamster just had babies!!!!" Now, you have to understand that she had only had the rodent for a little over a week, so I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, something was wrong with it and it wasn't really babies, only some body part lying in the shavings. To my dismay, there lay six little wriggling, furless, pink wads!!!! Joseph cried out, "It's an Easter gift!!!!". I realize that Resurrection Day is all about new life, but surely my Heavenly Father must have been rocking with laughter this Easter Day as I discovered His timely gift to my youngest daughter.

Meet the proud mother, Rosie (Emily Rose, affectionately named after Jackie's best friend).
I must admit, Jackie has quite surprised me with her interest in this new adventure. She has always been our "critter lover", but this discovery has prompted her to visit the web daily in search of hamster information. She checked out several books from the library on hamsters and has even decided to do her 4-H presentation on hamsters!!!! When I call her down from her room to inquire what she is doing, I seem to be getting the same answer each time: "Studying about hamsters!!!!". Atleast we have a home for 2 of them already (I think!!!)-----we have to separate them at 4 weeks due to their early breeding habits!!!!

We'll keep you posted on the progress of fur-growing and presentation preparation......

Monday, March 24, 2008

Well, I was going to post another picture tonight, but I just discovered that all my photos are on the external hard drive and that is in the laptop bag and that is no where near me. At this point, I am snuggled in my bed, under two comforters, an electric blanket, a quilt, and a set of sheets (as I type this, I hear Shannon emitting a huge, "Are you kidding me? I'd be melted!") and am too lazy to get out of bed and find the EHD. So, my words will have to paint a picture in your mind tonight.

I have had two more shots since I last posted. This past Friday I photographed my good friend's pregnant tummy (along with the rest of her brood). What a fun time. She entertained every silly-photographer-whim that I had and good-naturely did everything I asked (even when one shot made her look like she was lying in a casket!!!). I'll get those to you soon, Kim!

Then, I secured a wedding shoot on Friday for the following day, Saturday! Tonya and her husband had a HUGE surprise in store for their families: The invited everyone over for dinner (steaks) and didn't tell them that the main course would be their wedding! It was beautiful and I certainly enjoyed meeting and getting to know both of them.

My sister got to come home from the hospital yesterday. YEAH!!!!! She is doing the one-legged happy dance in Marshall. We are hoping to see her nausea dissipate to nothing and have her concentrating on getting back on her feet!

Well, I hear my sweet husband coming in the door from his 2nd job, so I think that I'll sign off and bid him, "Buenos Noches".

Friday, March 21, 2008


This is a shot of the moon from our road.... It was about 7 p.m. and both the moon and the sun were incredibly visible. Don't you just love this time of year, when things are just about to burst with life, but almost holding back on purpose just to play with you???? I ended up shooting the moon and KT took her turn with the camera to shoot the sun in the direct opposite direction. I guess we are both learning at the same time..... I learn it first (well, atleast most of the time!!), and then I TRY to teach it to her.
I have my first "belly shoot" tomorrow (Thanks for being up for the challenge, Kim and rest of the Marshalls!!!) and then a wedding portrait session on Saturday. It's definitely exciting, to be sure. I just hope that I can keep up with my motherly/wifely duties all at the same time!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


After a windy, rainy day, I get home to begin my moonlighting job of post-processing Grady and Melissa's wedding pictures only to find that their folder has mysteriously vanished!!! After fighting nausea and deciding against a service worshipping the porcelein god Google Internet Marketing Consultant, I diligently search each folder on my external hard drive (with Barry at my side--helping me cope, of course!--), until RELIEF!!! There they are!!!! So, I put them back and try to control my shaking hand and heart arythmia..... Now I am smiling again.

This picture was taken in Sparta, sitting in BK parking lot.

My sister is doing better today. They hope to get her on her feet tomorrow sometime and then she should be going home on Friday.... her 50th birthday. YEAH! What a birthday gift, huh?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Surprise Was On Us!!!

Well, I finally figured out how to post a photo on this thing!!!! This past weekend, the kids and I traveled "home" to Weaverville for my oldest sister's 50th birthday celebration. Several members of my family dressed "up" (or should I say down?!?!?) and visited her work in a major bank. We sported bandanas, hats, cow socks, wigs, flannel with holes, liquor jugs, and hula hoops. We then proceeded to "act like we grew up in a barn" (as my mama would have said!), talking very loudly about how PURTY the bank was, and then presenting her with a new version of "Coal Miner's Daughter" as a singing telegram. It was complete with old-timey jug-blowing, foot-stompin', and hula-hoopin'!!! Need I tell you that she was trying to hide in the vault??? We finished up her nifty-fifty-surprise with a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday", complete with farm animal sounds and all.
Then on Saturday we had a surprise birthday party for her. All was certainly going well until, during the pinata-busting (or pina-colada....hee-hee, Cathy), my sister ended up giving all of us the surprise when she slipped and ended up crushing her knee cap!!! She was rushed to the hospital, thanks to first responders, and had knee surgery today. Bless her sweet heart!!! What a gift to give yourself for the big 5-0!!!!! Please remember her as you pray......

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Benjamin has taken a "real likin'" (as we say here in the south) to the newest member of our family, Jackson the Bassett Hound. In the picture, Benjamin appears to be strangling the poor hound (which is actually what was going on .....OOPS!), and sweet little Jack-Jack just sat there and took it.... as long as you give him a homemade scooby-snack afterwards, he will put up with just about anything.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Galyeans Are "Movin' On Up!......"

Can you believe it?!?!? The Galyeans are finally presenting themselves online! Katie has been after me for quite some time to do it, and now that we have a name for our studio (GALYEAN'S GALLERY), she just wouldn't let it rest until we bit the bullet. So, here we are. I will try to keep up with our happenings for my family's benefit and post an occassional photo.

I shot a wedding (the first at our new church facility) this past Sunday and had a blast with the new Canon EOS 40-D! Here is a little peek at some of the festivities.......