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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Check out photos of Ben and Mariah on Mariah's Mom's blog......
Such a sweet family! Sometimes I feel so unbelievably blessed how God has moved in my life and in the life of my son.........

Monday, April 14, 2008


Well, that's a good question as I'm not sure that even I can answer it!!!

I'm sure that my family (who lives 3 hours away) are wondering why they haven't heard from me. Well, I've been in Charlotte with the kids handbell choir (which was quite an adventure with my older girls and their baby brother---Joe got the privilege of staying with his daddy!!!). We went to Discovery Place on Friday, where we found the greatest surprise ever: The Moore Family!!! Benjamin had never been able to meet Mariah, a little girl who stayed with "Mama Rosa" in Guatemala right after he left. She was adopted by some friends of ours, Mark and Amy Moore. After they came home, they discovered that Mariah was deaf. Anyway, long story short: we saw them on Friday completely by accident!!! Mariah is beautiful (as are her two sisters and her two brothers!!) and Benjamin was completely "taken" with her by the time we left. He kept wanting to give her kisses and she kept pushing him away (the cantaloupe her mama had was more enticing than a little smoochy, I guess). They look so much alike. They both have the porcelain skin characteristic of the Spanish that now live in Guatemala. I'll post a photo of them later.

Then after a hair-brained trip to the hotel, we ate at an Italian restaurant and the kids headed back to the church for more bell-ringing. We spent the night sharing a hotel room with some good friends, The Marshall Family. Let's see.... that would have been me with my three, Kim (who is about to bust with Adeline), and then her other four..... WHEW! We were quite the sight, I'm sure.

On Saturday, after ringing all day and a concert, we headed home. BOY! Was I ever glad to get back to the mountains. I guess that I'm just not cut out to go-go-go. I really do like it at home, doing things with my kids, in a quiet atmosphere, knowing that Daddy will be home soon.

Yesterday was our usual Sunday regime. Church until about 7 p.m. (well, at least church activities). Then, I just crashed.

We got our website up and running yesterday. Visit to see it. I'm still working on it as I've got lots of pics to upload for viewing, music to add, contact page to add, etc.... Anyway, check it out when you get a chance.

More pics to come soon.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


We have been sitting in this wet, dreary fog for over a week now. Just when I think that it's gonna clear up, here it comes again!!! UGH! I suppose it is pretty, but the sun is so much prettier (atleast when you can't even see your vehicle out your front window for all the fog!).

On Friday evening, we went out to eat in Hillsville with Barry's old boss. I pulled over on the side of the road on the way home for a shot of the clouds. They were so weird-looking that they matched the fog that seems to permeate our house!

Then, on Sunday (after cleaning out our basement on Saturday----yes, in the fog!), the kids and I traveled to King to The Rock Church ( with their handbell choir, The JoyBell Ringers, to minister. Here is KT and her friend, Ashley. Then, Jackie and her friend, Emily (who incidentally is Ashley's sister and also Jackie's hamster's namesake!), and finally Joseph---who looks very intent on his music.
Benjamin did his normal thing: kept that thumb stuck in his mouth and kept quiet.

Afterwards, we took a little time to pose for pictures (in the FOG!!!) in their new bell shirts.

Click this link to see a slideshow of their mission work in Roanoke last week:

And finally today the fog broke just long enough for me to spot a red bird sitting in the blackberry bushes in our yard. But, yes, the fog is now surrounding us again.....


Well, their eyes opened on Sunday at 2 weeks of age...... and this one has been claimed by KT. It is a little boy and she has affectionately named it "Merlin".

This one is Jackie's and she has dubbed it "White Lilly"....... Two of the little males have red eyes (yes, it's a little eerie!) and she has decided they should be called "Lucifer" and "Devin" ----go figure. I think that after we gave her the ultimatum that it was keep Rosie or Lilly, she has chosen Lilly. Rosie did herself in after biting Jackie so many times that I've lost count (yes, brought blood and the whole nine yards). She bit Jackie today and Jackie nearly sent her reeling as she knocked her around the cage trying to get her hand out while Rosie was hanging on to her wrist for dear life!!!!

And the best for last:

The kids posed in their "Spy Stance" for one final photo in their fancy get-up. Benjamin seems to think life is all okay---even in the fog. I guess I'll try to agree.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


After days of telling Jackie, "No... you cannot pick up the baby hamsters yet....", the day finally came when we HAD to clean the hamster crate. YUCK!!! Yes, it was starting to smell like rodent-infestation in her room, so we got them all out and cleaned the cage yesterday. She was thrilled (as were the other three youngun's!). Here she is with the one little blondie (it's a girl, of course). She seems to have picked it to be her very own, although I don't remember her even asking if she could have another one in addition to Rosie.

This is a picture of the little booger all by itself. I suppose they are kind of growing on me. There are still 6 alive (imagine that!). We have figured out that we have 4 boys and 2 girls. There are 2 black ones (both boys), 3 golden ones (2 boys and 1 girl), and then this little blonde one. They are actually eating apples, bread, and even corn. When Jackie got the first one out of the cage, it must have been "attached" to Mommy, cause when she sat it down, she squeezed too hard, and out squirted hammie-milk! OK, now I whole-heartedly support breast-feeding, but that was a little much for me!!! Rodent milk is not what I wanted to be sticking my fingers in as I helped her clean that cage! Boy... it is so amazing to me the things that I have learned as a homeschooling mother (certainly NOTHING I learned in college!).

And this last photo is one of the fountain that my dad helped put in our front yard in 2006. We have been sitting in fog for a few days (does that surprise anyone who has frequented our house?!?!?) and when I looked out the window and got a glimpse of this, I grabbed the camera and headed out the door. Pretty, huh?