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Sunday, May 9, 2010


My loving teenage daughter, who is oh-so-bloggerish, has awarded me this most wonderful award. And, so in good faith and participation (and mainly because she will hound me until I do it), I am playing. Here goes:

1) Thank the person who has so prestigiously awarded you.
"Oh, my dear eldest daughter, upon whom God has graciously blessed you with corkscrews emitting from your scalp, I do hereby express great gratitude....."
OK.... that's done.

2) Copy the award and paste it to your blog. Already done.

3) Tell the general public and whoever reads your blog 7 interesting things about yourself:
* When I was about 5 years old, I commenced to stick black electrician's tape up my nose, get it stuck, and be paraded around the doctor's office before being thrown into stark terror by a pair of 5-feet long pliers being crammed up my nasal cavity (OK.... so I threw in a little exaggeration just for good measure, but you get the point ~ it was devastating).
* I was once known as a rather talkative youngster (hard to believe, I know [tee-hee], but so was the case, especially in 7th grade science).
* I married my french horn tutor (bwahahahahaha!!!).
* I absolutely adore English grammar (much to my children's/student's chagrin!!!).
* I think I could live in another country in a heartbeat.
* I miss my mother (especially today- it's Mother's Day!!). : )
* The one and only time I had a pedicure (hey- I'm a homeschool mom who has neither the time nor the money to spend on extravagant feet), the odd little man who scrubbed all the dead skin off my was amazed that I had what seemed to be alligator skin on my heels (uh, yeah, I DID just share that on the web! And, no I'm NOT ashamed - I'm a barefoot freak!!!).

4) Tag (award) 3 wonderful bloggers.
Ok... here goes:
Charlotte at
Michelle at
Tara at

5) Contact your nominations and let them know they've won.... done. : )

Ok.... so more pics later to come. Stay tuned!