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Monday, February 23, 2009


Ben got a new shirt over the weekend. He HAD to wear it to church yesterday.
Joseph "spiked" his hair yesterday morning. Ben HAD to have his hair spiked for church.
Ben looked really cute. I HAD to take a picture. : )

Katie and Jackie got a new basketball over the weekend. It is made (sort of) out of a tire. It's really neat because it's made for outdoor use so that you don't wear the tread off of your "good" basketball. Well, oops, that's already been done. But, they really like the new ball anyway!

My boys taking their bikes for a spin.....

And this last photo is for Deane. Thanks for the cinnamon raisin bread, Miss Deane.
It got Ben's seal of approval!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I told you I wasn't going to post, but....

I just couldn't help it!!!!

Check out the new logo:

Thanks go out to Heidi at The Meridian Agency and Kim W. from Sparta, NC.
You girls are the BEST and I dearly love you both.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I am contemplating a blog-hiatus. Now, before some of you go all crazy on me, let me explain......
I have not updated my Galyean's Gallery website since our move. Did you hear that?
I know that we've been "busy", but that thing has got to get updated. So, in the midst of schooling the kids (which has been somewhat more slack than I'd like to admit), running to and fro for basketball in Fayetteville, getting in gear with our new church, and throwing myself at the mercy of my fit/nutrition-savvy neice, Lizzie, many things just have been put on hold. The website was one of the items that fell to the bottom of the list.
So, I have made myself a promise that I am going to give myself a little time for priorities in the next few weeks. Basketball will wind up with a trip to the NC State Finals in a few more practices, we're getting used to new responsibilities at the church, and the diet is in gear. So, time to turn to the website. I've got lots of new shots to upload and a little redesign is in order. I think I'm even going to put a hiatus on my facebook, too. That things takes up too much of my time!!!! So, maybe in a few weeks, you can check back in to find a new post and some new pictures. Otherwise, just assume that I'm editing away and filling my children's heads full of facts (most of which I hope will not be useless and my efforts futile!).

Sunday, February 1, 2009


And enlightened by a three-year-old, nonetheless!

Yep. It's all too true.
Benjamin completely and totally cleared up an age-old question for me a few days ago.
He and I were on our way to the grocery store together. You know ~ a little mommy/son bonding time. He prompted this little outing himself by just being plain ol' difficult all morning. It wasn't anything big. Just the typical three-year-old whining. But, it was getting increasingly difficult for the older three to get their lessons done on this particular morning. The cupboards were getting bare, so a little trip, just he and I (it is great having a child old enough to babysit ~a.k.a. "Live-in Babysitter"), sounded like a nice way for the others to get their work done.
However, the whining didn't end. And what I mean by whining is this:
"Mommy? Mommy? Mommy!!!!! Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy?
It didn't matter how I answered him, it was that little, annoying voice that every mother hears from time to time. Finally, I just couldn't take it anymore.
"Benjamin!!!! That's enough! QUIT WHINING!"
His response? Here comes the enlightenment.......
"But, Mommy..... I YIKE (like) YINING (whining)!"