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Thursday, May 1, 2008


Did you read the title of my last post???? It simply says "Gone". Well, it was not originially intended to be the pun it ended up being. I meant to type "Gone Again" as the title and then type what had been happening the last few weeks, but I hit the wrong button and it sent it on as a formal post. Then when I saw it, I cracked up b/c so many of you have been wondering why I haven't been posting. Anyway, guess you had to be there.......

I have full intentions on posting pictures VERY SOON, it's just that my life has been so full lately that I haven't had much time to edit for the blog. The kids have been running rampant bell-ringing, I have been editing and ordering pictures like crazy, we have traveled with my in-laws to my brother-in-law's cabin in Madison County, my youngest son just celebrated a birthday, Barry's schedule (need I say more about that one?), and basically just living have all kept me seriously busy. I know, I know..... I am the one who harps about not being "BUSY", but "fruitful". So, yes, I am trying to make sure that He is number one in all of my running around.

I have a good friend who is due with number-5-baby just any minute (see for pics of her!!!). When she goes into labor with Adeline, I am the official baby-sitter of the younger 2. So, I guess Adeline will be dictating when I post some pictures depending on her arrival.