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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sweet Ella

 There are just somethings that I absolutely LOVE about my "job".  

This is one of them.
Meet Ella Grace.
Doesn't she look like her name?
Soft, gentle, sweet, pure.

Sweet baby girl to M and L, Ella entered the world just a few weeks ago.
She has already captured her Daddy's heart, and it was so precious to see him talking to her, caressing her tiny little hands and kissing her beautiful cheeks.
Her Mama looks at her and her loving expression becomes one of an experienced mother although Ella is her first child.

 God's richest blessings on your life, sweet Ella.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

How My Heart Aches...

".....aches for what?", many may ask.

My heart aches to hold the hand of a child I have never met, but who I already know... who I automatically think of each morning, wondering if he had a good sleep and a nutritious breakfast... who I desire more than anything to hold, letting him know I will never, ever leave... who I pray for each night... who I already call son...

Yep, it's true: 
And, I am unabashedly and uncontrollably unashamed.

Our beautiful boy awaits us in what is truly the heart of Africa, knowing we are coming for him -- 
but I wonder, does he understand that we are doing ALL we can, each and every day, to get him to us? 
does he know that we dream of him, talk about him as though he is already here - only to have stepped out of the room for a brief moment?
does he know his sisters can't wait to spoil him? 
and that his brothers are eager to teach him to ride a bike and wrestle?
and that his father finds pride in having him take his last name?
and that his mother... well, that his mother is in love with him even though she's never met him?

It is our prayer that you will join us on this beautiful journey - one that we have traveled before, only in a different time and a different land.
 Travel along with us as we bring home our beautiful African son and show him the love of the Father through becoming a Galyean.