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Monday, April 27, 2009


If you don't like perusing through someone else's photos,
this probably isn't the post for you.
Below are my favorites from the Open House photo sessions we had a few weeks ago.
I hope you enjoy viewing them and seeing the personalities of each person as much as I enjoyed shooting them.

Over 2000 photos.

That's what I shot the weekend of our Open House. It has taken me this long to post-process them for viewing for my new clients (which, by the way, are completely, totally, and inspiringly wonderful).

If you want to see more (that might make you a glutton for punishment), check out and click on "online ordering".

Now, my thoughts and attention turn to getting an engagement session up, Benjamin's fourth birthday, and the White Lake Water Festival. Barry has secured us a booth and we are so excited about the advertisement this will give us.

On another note, but still thinking of "favorites".......

I think most of you were aware that KT was chosen for an internship position with a magazine/publishing company a while back. Her first assignment was to write a 20-page paper on, "What Christians Can Do to Get God Back Into the Media".

TWENTY pages? Yep. But guess what???? Her paper turned out to be 27 pages. Wow.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from her paper..... (I'm so proud).

"Did you know that the average American watches eight hours and eleven minutes of television per DAY? So, the next time you are sitting down watching that screen and a commercial comes on, why don’t you hit the mute button and instead of listening to a woman’s voice list side effects for some medicine, pray for our country?"

"Even today’s kid’s shows are going down the drain! We have shows like Hannah Montana, SpongeBob Square Pants, and iCarly. Please, if anybody knows, tell me the real point of these shows! We let our children sit in front of a big box that has a screen and some wires and watch “harmless” shows that teach them morals like: You need to have a boyfriend/girlfriend to be socially accepted; you should kiss your boyfriend/girlfriend as soon as possible; you need to have a cell phone; you need to be in style; you need to be this! You need to be that! You should be anybody BUT yourself! And then we wonder why America’s youth is so messed up!"