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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Aaron Ray and Michelle

A few weeks ago, I had a double-whammy treat:
A gorgeous wedding to shoot with the very folks who bought our house in the mountains AND a trip to the aforementioned mountains!!!!
Aaron Ray and Michelle are two of the most organized folks I have EVER met!!
Their wedding was perfectly thought out and incredibly clever in all aspects.
After a sweet sleepover night with all of her TEN (yes, you read that right!!) bridesmaids, Michelle had plenty of help getting ready to walk down the aisle....

She had plenty of help getting to and fro in a gorgeous, but very heavy, wedding dress.
And, can you say UNBELIEVABLE scenery????

Mother-Daughter moments on your wedding day are some you NEVER forget.

Nor do you forget those that have helped to make you who you are....
who have helped to make you the object of someone else's affections.

And when that someone plans a surprise with only you in mind, it's sure to knock your socks off.... Guess what? This is one of those surprises!!!!
SURPRISE, Michelle!!!!!
Your fella really pulled out the big guns to get these shots for you ~

I had absolutely NO idea this place existed, even though it's less than 6 or 7 miles from the house we built. It's called the "natural dam", and I was in utter amazement when we pulled up to a clearing in the woods and my eyes beheld such beauty.

Aaron Ray had worked it out so that ALL the guys could meet at this really cool spot, shed their shoes, roll up their fancy britches, and get a little wet.

Just so ya know Aaron, she's gonna love that you went the extra mile for her.
Keep it up....

Yes, there are LOTS more photos.....
Yes, they are just as sweet and unforgettable as the few above....
but, No.... there are no more to view tonight.
You'll just have to come back to see me again to see some more!!!
Congratulations, Michelle and Aaron Ray.
Enjoy what God has given you -
it's apparent He had each of you in mind for the other when He started.